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missflower's Journal

Mondays is for Drinking to the Seldom Seen Kid

If You Never Take the First Step
You Cannot go too Far
21 years old, dutch, female, addicted to music, caffeine-junkie, 2nd year international hospitality management student, academy of arts and technology, hotel management school graduate, 1 older sister, 1 dog, 4 birds, 2 diamond doves, 4 fishes, 1 hamster, oh yeah, and i'm gay, as a rainbow

music, sleeping, lindsay lohan, stabilo pens, hotelmanagement, kathryn prescott, skins, LONDON BABY, travelling, getting fucking drunk, nobody likes to but i really like to cry, celebrities, ontd, twitter, birds
music is my imaginary friend
tegan and sara, florence and the machine, lady gaga, rihanna last fm
you're the nicest thing in the world
my personal journal entries are friends only, and most of the time in dutch. (and me whining about missing london) if we have a lot of things in common you may add me as your friend. i don't know if i'm ever gonna make fanart again, but when i will, i will post those publicly.
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